Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Therapy and Excitement

So, I've figured out what I need to do to relax and have time to myself...PAINT! I have been working extremely hard on the house to get everything painted and ready to move in and instead of hating the painting process like I thought I would, I actually LOVE it! I have come to find out that painting is very therapeutic. I have done a lot of thinking over the last few days, about nothing in particular but I have figured out that it is good to be alone for a bit and doing something that doesn't take brain cells!!

Anyway, I have painted a lot of the house!! The living room is done, the hallway is done, the office is done, the guest bedroom is done!! I'm almost done painting!! The only things left to paint is the master bathroom (that will be the last room done), the hallway bathroom (I will get that primed tonight), the last wall in the kitchen (I will do that tonight), and the master (I have alreayd trimmed so its only a matter of rolling!! YAY!! My house is coming together. I will try to take pictures of the progress and get them posted.

Now, for the puppies!! I have gotten updated pictures!! These pictures are the things I look forward to all week! Here is what Zoey looks like now:She is getting big and she is smart (at least that is what the breeder said). She is the only left of her litter still with the breeder but she is making friends with her half-siblings so she is going great!

Here is Annie:I love this picture of her! The report I got on her is that she has a big personality!! She is barking at toys and jumping/playing around with the other puppies and tried to get all the attention!

I am about 2 1/2 weeks away from bringing my girls home and I can't wait for everyone to meet them! The thing I am most excited about to get a picture of the two of them together!! Trust me, I will be taking pics of us picking them up so you will go along with me on the most exciting ride of my life!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm closing on the house tomorrow!! As of tomorrow at 4:00 I will be a homeowner!! So what are my plans on moving in you ask?..Well tomorrow night I will go to MY house and start with the pre-work stuff. I need to get in there and cover the floors, tape around everything and fill in all the holes from the previous owner. Saturday I will start painting!! I have most of the paint colors picked out and I am hoping to get most of the painting knocked out this weekend!!

After I get the painting finished I will start to move in a little at a time. I will be putting pictures up so you can see the before and after! I plan on really being completely moved in by the first weekend in March! So then what?? I GET MY 2 PUPPIES!! I am so excited to bring my two girls home!!

This is Annie now (2 weeks older than the previous post): She is going to be 10 weeks when I bring her home. This picture is of her at 6 weeks.

Here is Zoey. This is her at 10 weeks. I will bring her home when she is 14 weeks.

Get used to their faces because I will be posting updates on them often!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I know, I know, it has been way too long since I've posted anything! But, there hasn't been a whole lot to post until now! Here are the updates I have for you...

The House:
I have heard that we should be closed on the house by Feb. 13...That's right Friday the 13th!!! Anyway, I'm super excited. It makes it even more exciting because I am now able to picture what my house is going to look like and how it is going to be setup! My mom and I got a lot of things accomplished this past week.

What I am NOT looking forward to is painting the house UGH! Anyone wanna help me paint my entire house!!???!??
I will put pics up as soon as I can but right now I don't have any!

Now, THE DOG!!
I have put a down payment on a little girl! I'm not sure yet what I am going to call her though...this seems like the hardest decision of all! I have added a picture of what she looks like now so if anyone has any cute names that they think would fit her let me know! I may just take a name you suggest!!

I will get to bring this pretty girl home the second weekend in March! Yay!!!!