Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm closing on the house tomorrow!! As of tomorrow at 4:00 I will be a homeowner!! So what are my plans on moving in you ask?..Well tomorrow night I will go to MY house and start with the pre-work stuff. I need to get in there and cover the floors, tape around everything and fill in all the holes from the previous owner. Saturday I will start painting!! I have most of the paint colors picked out and I am hoping to get most of the painting knocked out this weekend!!

After I get the painting finished I will start to move in a little at a time. I will be putting pictures up so you can see the before and after! I plan on really being completely moved in by the first weekend in March! So then what?? I GET MY 2 PUPPIES!! I am so excited to bring my two girls home!!

This is Annie now (2 weeks older than the previous post): She is going to be 10 weeks when I bring her home. This picture is of her at 6 weeks.

Here is Zoey. This is her at 10 weeks. I will bring her home when she is 14 weeks.

Get used to their faces because I will be posting updates on them often!


  1. Those little fuzzy faces are just too adorable! I can hardly wait to see the interplay between them and Avery. He will go bananas with those puppies! I'll be looking for house pictures too. Good luck with the closing. I hope it goes quickly and easily. You do have an insurance binder don't you? I think that might be to protect you in case there are liens against the house, but I don't really remember why Denis and I had to have one for our first house that we bought. It was just a surprise when we were asked about it just before the closing and had to scramble to get one before the meeting. I don't know if that is still a requirement, but I thought I would give you a heads-up just in case you need one. Jim and I are still very proud of your decision to buy a house (and loan us your apartment). It's a big step for you, and a brave one considering the economy. But all indications are that you have made yourself very valuable to your company and can feel secure in your job. Being able to say that now is critical to approval of a mortgage. From what little I know about the housing market, you have hit it at the right time since it is a buyer's market. Congratulations and good luck tomorrow at the closing!!

  2. Awwww I love them both!! I can't wait to meet them!