Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Avery loves Sesame Street

I also wanted to share this video with everyone. This is one of my favorite videos of Avery. This just shows how cute he is!

Here is another video. This one is just too cute not to post!

My Zoey can sing!!!

I have to share this video! Isn't she just so darn cute!!???!!

Granted, the television was probably hurting her ears but ZOEY CAN SING!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have a feeling...That tonight's gonna be a good night!

I got together with a few friends this weekend and had the best time. I thought I would share a few pics from the night. I love these girls!
I know I can be boring on most nights but I like to think we have a pretty good time when we get together!

Last Regular Season Game at the MAC!

Yesterday was the last regular season game at McAndrew Stadium. Very bitter-sweet. Although the game was a blowout and the longest game ever it was a lot of fun. I even got a few pics with my parents which doesn't happen very often!
And THIS is when we got a tad bit bored...Either way, we had a blast and we can't wait for the playoffs!! GO DAWGS!!

Stay away from the ladder!!!

So, my dad finally decided to start working on their roof after the May 8, 2009 storm. Instead of just fixing the spots that needed to be fixed, mom and dad decided to replace the whole roof. The destruction started on a Thursday and was supposed to last throughout the weekend.
Well, come Thursday afternoon I get a call from my sister and all she says was:
"Have you talked to mom?"
"No, why? What happened?"
"Dad fell off the roof and hit his head."
Of course I freaked! I told my boss I had to leave and immediately ran to see who was working in the ER at Memorial Hospital. I ran to my car when my mom called and said that dad was fine. He had actually just fell off the ladder and hit his eye on the ladder which caused him to go to the ER and get 3 stitches! The following are pictures...these pictures are gross...that's your warning!

This was taken in the ER right after dad got the stitches. Doesn't look TOO horribly bad!

This was that night...looking a little worse!

I think this was when it looked the worse! It looks so painful! But luckly it's getting much better!This was taken a few days ago so it looks even better than this! Now, there is just a little bit of swelling above the eye and a small bruise below the eye. If we learned anything from this...dad is NOT ALLOWED ON LADDERS ANYMORE! (I failed to mention that the last time he was dealing w/ ladders he broke his toe!!)

Annie and Zoey Dressed up too!

So Annie and Zoey even got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up twice in two different outfits each! They are so stinkin' cute! Zoey was a pirate and a monkey!!
Annie decided to be a bumble bee and a bunny! She was so cute!!I love them! I wonder what they will be next year???

Halloween 2009 Doggie Style :)

I was so excited for Halloween this year. Not only was Avery big enough to really get dressed up and trick-or-treat on his own, but I had my babies! Here are a few picks of all of them!
We started off the morning by taking Avery to Murdale where they had a whole setup for kids. It was great! Wasn't Avery the cutest little pup ever!!?? He even met a friend!
After that it was about time for his nap so we went to grandma and grandpas house to hangout and watch the SIU football game. I have to say he was the cutest little skeleton too! Can you tell that he loves dogs?? :)

Then it was time to go trick-or-treating at the mall! He was so big! Walking all by himself to get candy! But, mom and dad didn't let him keep it, and he noticed!!...
I'm sure he was thinking "okay, I know there was stuff in here...where did it go??" And he just continued to look!
So far this was the best halloween yet! I think Avery had lots of fun and I enjoyed every second of it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I will have nightmares FOREVER!

Friday night I went to the Chippendales show here in Carbondale. Although I was going for a favor to my mom, I thought it would be an interesting night...to say the least! From the very first "dance" I was completely and utterly embarrassed for those guys. I swear all you need is a good body and you're in! I took a few pics so here they are for your viewing pleasure:So this is a pic of one of the guys out in the audience that was trying to "sell" himself. People would pay for pictures of him! I got my picture for free :) Can you say "YUCK!"?
This is a picture of when they were "selling" lap dances. $10 each! I'm sorry but I would not pay $10 for a lap dance from someone like that...ewww!
And last but not least...
This is when they came out dressed as fire fighters...to the song...(drumroll, please)..."Hero" by Mariah Carey. Yes, freaky!! I could not believe it! It was so wrong on so many levels. About 5 minutes after this is when we left. I hope my house never catches on fire!
Until next time... :)