Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stay away from the ladder!!!

So, my dad finally decided to start working on their roof after the May 8, 2009 storm. Instead of just fixing the spots that needed to be fixed, mom and dad decided to replace the whole roof. The destruction started on a Thursday and was supposed to last throughout the weekend.
Well, come Thursday afternoon I get a call from my sister and all she says was:
"Have you talked to mom?"
"No, why? What happened?"
"Dad fell off the roof and hit his head."
Of course I freaked! I told my boss I had to leave and immediately ran to see who was working in the ER at Memorial Hospital. I ran to my car when my mom called and said that dad was fine. He had actually just fell off the ladder and hit his eye on the ladder which caused him to go to the ER and get 3 stitches! The following are pictures...these pictures are gross...that's your warning!

This was taken in the ER right after dad got the stitches. Doesn't look TOO horribly bad!

This was that night...looking a little worse!

I think this was when it looked the worse! It looks so painful! But luckly it's getting much better!This was taken a few days ago so it looks even better than this! Now, there is just a little bit of swelling above the eye and a small bruise below the eye. If we learned anything from is NOT ALLOWED ON LADDERS ANYMORE! (I failed to mention that the last time he was dealing w/ ladders he broke his toe!!)

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