Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm a grownup...WHAT???

Okay, so as most of you know I have been looking around for houses. I have come to find that I am pretty picky when it comes to the things I need in a house...some things that most people would only like to have.

So, anyway, I have been looking at houses, and I JUST PUT AN OFFER ON ONE!! I am fully expecting for the sellers to throw a counter offer our way (I did kind of push my luck with my offer). But, even though I probably won't get it for what I offered, it is still a great house for me! A PERFECT HOUSE FOR ME!
Here is a little information about my hopefully soon-to-be house!:

1. It's on a busy road but not too busy (which means I'll feel safe living alone)
2. It's between my parents and sister...PERFECT!
3. It's right down the road from a park (I will take walks with Avery when he is older)
4. A HUGE backyard
5. A 1 car garage that could actually fit two (one behind the other)
6. The master bedroom is huge
7. The other two bedrooms are very good sized
8. Hardwood floors throughout
9. 1 3/4 bathrooms that don't need any updating (that's a shocker!!!)
10. It already comes equipped with a doggy door (the house is meant for me and my puppy)
11. A laundry room in a very nice location in the house
12. A wooden playground in the backyard that Avery will LOVE!!
13. All appliances are included (I am hoping the washer and dryer are included too but those weren't mentioned)
14. A large walk-in closet in the master bedroom :)
15. VERY LITTLE changes need to be made!! That is what I love the best!!

That is all I can think of right now, my mind is going crazy right now!! Anyway, we will hear if they accept our offer or not by 5:00 tomorrow evening. This could possibly be my future house, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! Check out some pics of my possibly future house:

More pics to come when I can call the house mine!!!


  1. I am SOOOOOO excited for you. What street is it on. Is this blog thing safe enough that you can mention your address (to be)? Is the housing market good for buyers in Carbondale? You left the message last night, so have you gotten a counter offer today? When I saw the first picture, I thought with just a few changes it looks like Janet's house. But the garage is on the wrong end. Would you use the garage as a garage or as a storage unit like Janet does? Could one of the extra bedrooms be used by YOUR FAVORITE AUNT AND UNCLE FROM VIRGINIA for a visit?????

  2. The house in on Sunset and honestly when I was looking at it yesterday I didn't even think to look at the address! I was so amazed by how the inside looks that I guess I wasn't thinking straight. But, yes they counter offered and then we did and they did again and we agreed. The papers were signed this afternoon!! Now, we will start with all the other things like the appraisal and all that fun stuff. The guy at the bank thinks all this could be done by mid February...we will see!

    The garage would be used as a garage and a storage unit. It is HUGE! And I will have 2 extra bedrooms. One will be an office and the other will be a guest room for anyone to use. YAY!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS FROM GAG AND GUNCA JIM!! Now you can start with the joys of being a homeowner. Jim was especially impressed with the kitchen. He says that now you can become a gourmet cook!!

  4. That is really funny. I just posted on my blog that my baby girl was a grown up, then I check out your blog and you're calling yourself a grown-up! I can't tell you how proud I am of you and I look forward to having you as my neighbor on our "big block"!

  5. You know, I was looking at the pictures of the house and I decided that they don't do it any justice. Gag, for your info, the house is SO cute. The pictures look good, but it is so much better in person. I am so excited for you! I can't wait to start decorating and yard saling for all of the perfect stuff to make your house a home!

  6. Congratulations!!! That is awesome!!

  7. Alright!! I didn't even know you had made an offer! That is so cool!! I will have to come visit! If I buy a puppy, will you keep it till I can have one?! haha!!! I want to see more pictures when you get them!

  8. An update for everyone ... got the home inspection done and everything is fine. So the house is definitely a GO!! Who's excited?!?!?