Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Beginning

So, it's been awhile (okay, a LONG while) since I've posted anything on my blog. Since I was last on a lot of things have changed so I will begin to update all of you on my less then entertaining life!
I guess the first big thing would be that I bought my house and closed in February!

Here I am with my SOLD sign! I was so excited when it was finally up, I just wish that I was dressed a little better! But, in my defense it was my first day in the house and I was getting ready to paint!

Since then I have painted the entire interior of the house (I will post updated pictures soon) and am in the process of updating a lot of other things which include:

- new windows
-new garage door
-new shutters
-new exterior doors

When it's all said and done it will make a huge difference in the outside appearance so it will match the inside of my house!

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