Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Infinite List of OMG's!

Okay, to explain this a little bit I must say that every week the girls and I get together for lunch and some of the most random things come out of our mouths. So, we've decided that we have to start a list! They may not be funny to you but we think they are absolutely hilarious...so we begin the list...

1. Jenny "Where are you going?"
Lindsey "I'm going to the P.O"
Jenny "Why do you call it the P.O.?"
Lindsey "Well, what do you call it?"
Jenny "The Bank..."

2. Mandy "You're a Slut?"
Pam "Yeah, I am"
Pam "No, no NOT A SLUT! A SLUG! S-L-U-G!!

3. "I pooped an 'S'"
*everyone looks at me like my head is falling off...
"Seriously! That's when you know you're healthier! If your poop looks like an 'S' its a good thing!"
(I promise, doesn't anyone watch Oprah!?

4. Mandy "I want one of those Vera Wang bags"
Jenny "Those are Vera Bradley bags but nice try"
Mandy "Whatever"
- we love your Vera Wang bag Mandy!!

5. "You're such a CELEBRITY"

Love these girls. Here is a pic of me, Mandy at Linds...

...I promise there is more to come but this is all we could think of at the momemt. Stay tuned...

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